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We are FOR family stability.  
We are FOR economic empowerment
We are FOR orphan prevention
We are FOR family preservation
We are FOR self-sustainability.
We are FOR family businesses
We are FOR the local churches
We are FOR the infrastructure
We are FOR the local government
We are FOR the local schools
We are FOR all organizations serving in Korah.
We are FOR the orphan
We are FOR the widow
We are FOR the oppressed
We are FOR the single mother.
We are FOR the potential of this beautiful place.

How could Korah look different if instead of being told what they are not and why they cannot, they were told they could, and they would, and they will

That’s what it means to be FOR something. 

To be FOR something means you are no longer neutral. 

Being FOR something takes intentionality. 

It takes time. It takes resources. 

And when everyone is pulling in different directions, but aiming at the same end goal, it confuses people in the process.

"We don't have to agree with each other to be FOR each other."

We may all be different.

We may be from different countries, cultures, and races.

We may be from different ministries, churches, and denominations.

We may have different strategies, visions, or mission statements.

But when we are FOR, we are united.

We can do more together.

For Korah is a group of non-profit organizations whose goals and passions are to serve the people of Korah as listed above. WE ARE FOR KORAH! This group is not a charity in itself, but rather a group of registered charities (non-profits) who are already working in Korah. Each member organization has its’ own vision, mission and strategy. If you are interested in learning what is happening on the ground in Korah, please check out the existing organizations below. 





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Wearing this t-shirt is just one way you can be FOR KORAH. These shirts are conversation starters, so you'll be able to share with others what it means to be FOR KORAH, and invite them to be FOR KORAH too.

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Looking for a simple way to be FOR KORAH, and invite others to be FOR KORAH?

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CARRY 117 empowers at-risk women: single mothers, widows, women living in poverty, and teenagers who have aged out of the orphange at 17 years old.  Throug a holistic approach we offer a hand up rather than a hand out out of poverty. We teach these ladies how to sew beautiful products that carry things: bookbags, clutches, passport holders, dopp kits, totes, laptop bags, wallets, earrings, and wristlets.  We provide them with a steady job and income so they are able to provide for their own family.

Carry 117 sends & hosts mission and service teams to Ethiopia.

OUT OF THE ASHES is one of the largest, and the only educational, sponsorship programs in Korah. Our primary purpose is to empower and build the character of the children in our program through the love of Jesus Christ, while caring for their basic needs and educating them so they can one day become productive members of society and positively impact their community. To ensure each child has what they need to permanently break the cycle of extreme poverty, our comprehensive program provides tuition, nutritious food, clothing, school supplies, personal care supplies, medical care, life skills training, economic developments, and counseling services. We sponsor over 300 children in Korah, and provide opportunities for sponsor families to meet their sponsor child.

Out of the Ashes sends medical & service mission teams to Korah.

HOPE FOR KORAH helps keep families healthy and together, while helping break the cycle of poverty. Using a holistic approach, we seek to empower the family through Family Sponsorship, a Feeding Program, Income Generation, Savings & Credit Self-Help Groups, Business & Vocational Training, Primary Health Services Center, Spiritual Care, Soccer & Youth Programs, Children’s Educational support, After-School Tutoring and Daycare, support for orphans and vulnerable mothers with disabilities, and Elders' Leprosy Home.

Hope For Korah sends & hosts mission teams in Korah.


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